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Andamios Anderson de Colombia, S.A.S

Account with a total inventory of 140.000 M3, in order to resolve the necessities of our clients. At the moment, seeing the necessity to generate confidence in those who the new perspectives and approaches of the national community and international, Andamios Anderson de Colombia, Ltda. Registered under ICONTEC - IQNET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad ISO versión 9001:2000 , in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients in the matter of quality.

In the improvement of the performance of the labor sector in terms of guarantees for the health and safety. Andamios Anderson de Colombia S.A. is certified NTC-OSHAS 18001:2000 , with the ICONTEC for to facilitate a corporative profit that is reflected in the diminution of costs by industrial accidents, professional incapacities and diseases and to fulfill the Colombian legislation and requisite of our clients.

Garantizamos los siguientes servicios:
  • Inventario de andamios Cup-Lock
  • Sistema automatizado "Tracking System"
  • Control de materiales
  • Récord ejemplar en el área de seguridad industrial
  • Personal colombiano especializado y equipos de apoyo
  • Facilidades temporales en sitio

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